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HOROSCOPE: We judge the horoscope through an integrated analytical technique as per Systems' Approach. But before that let us bring out the methodology for a quick overall view of the horoscope.

As a golden principle to avoid disgrace to the science and the astrologers, no attempt for prediction should be made until and unless the horoscope has been cast properly with divisional charts, the planetary strengths have been identified and the operating planetary periods and sub-periods have been worked out.

The classics opine that the predictions made by astrologers well versed in calculating planetary longitudes and proficient in astrological lore cannot go wrong. We believe the predictions made after due consideration of the strength of planets, prevalent sub-periods, etc., with a peaceful mind have greater probability of coming true.

HOROSCOPE: PRIME FACTORS FOR INTERPRETATION / ANALYSIS / JUDGEMENTFirst of all, the position of the lord of ascendant and the ascendant is to be seen as the whole activity revolves around the ascendant. The lord of the ascendant would be applicable only to those ascendants which contain mooltrikona sign of a planet, but in all cases we have to see the influences of the various planets on the first house either by placement or conjunction/aspect over its most effective point. All the results of the chart are to be felt by the native concerned and in case the ascendant is weak or the longevity is less, the various effects of the chart would be of no use to the native. Next comes the strength of the Moon as only a sound mind can provide the native opportunities for rise in life. If the Moon is strong and has the help of a favorable Mercury and Jupiter, the native can make best use of opportunities available to him. The Moon is also the significator of mother and, if strong, it would bless the native with motherly comforts for proper development of life. Then comes the Sun and the ninth or fourth house, whichever contains first a mooltrikona sign, both factors related with father, who supports the native in the early years of life so to say till the child is competent to lead his/her own life. If the Sun, the ninth house and the fourth house are weak and afflicted, the father of the native has short life or lacks the power to support the native. In fact, if all these factors i.e. the ascendant, the Moon, the Sun, the ninth house and the fourth house are strong in a nativity, the native would get opportunities for advancement in life; so to say he/she has the capacity and chance to learn and to make use of it. Where there is no mooltrikona sign in the ninth and fourth houses, as happens with Libra ascendant, we examine about the father from the Sun and the influences on both houses.

HOROSCOPE INTERPRETATION TOOLS: The horoscopic influences are studied through the natal conjunctions, aspects and placements. The conjunctions and aspects help us in identifying the auspicious and inauspicious planetary configurations. The placement of a planet in a particular house links the significations of its mooltrikona house with the significations of its house of placement. A planet placed in a malefic house indicates suffering for the significations ruled by the said planet in the nativity.

The integrated analytical technique will focus on a stepwise approach:Step IDouble check the correctness of birth data. If any doubt subsists, rectification should be done before anything else.

Step IIAfter the horoscope has been cast properly with divisional charts, identify the functional nature of the planets from the ascendant, the most effective point, the most malefic planet and the most benefic planet. Underline the functional malefic planets.

Step IIIFind out the strength of planets, check to see if any planet is weak for several reasons, identify the natal auspicious and inauspicious close conjunctions/aspects and encircle planets/MEPs closely afflicted, identify the natal placements and have a comprehension of the weak and strong areas of the chart.

Step IVFind out the current operating dasas (the main and sub-period lords) for the date in question. Identify the house where the mooltrikona sign of the sub-period lord is placed and the natal/transit houses occupied by the sub-period lord. In this approach we will primarily consider the sub-period lord.

Step VFor the transits on the date in question, find out the natal and transit strength of the sub-period lord and determine the triple transit triggering influence i.e. from Transit to Natal, Transit to Transit, and Natal to Transit (not forgetting the special aspects of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu). Identify also forthcoming TTT auspicious and inauspicious close influences.

Step VIAssess longevity: If a mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant, pay special attention to the longevity by seeing the strength of planets and the functional nature of the operating planets i.e. the main and sub-period lords. Most of the planets being weak and afflictions to the ascendant or to the ascendant lord with operating period of functional malefics give short life. Similarly placed planets with operating period of functional benefics give middle span of life. Weak planets keep the significations to a lower level, if unafflicted. Severely afflicted planets cause tragedies or fatal diseases. The operating periods reduce/increase the impact. Pay special attention to the transit strength of operating planets.

For detailed study of the aspect of longevity, the readers may refer to How to Judge Longevity write-up, separately.

Step VIIBy using the dasas and transits, combine these to see the current and future trends. Make your predictions for the different planetary periods.

Prescribe the astrological/jyotish remedies.

Note: For various aspects of life you may refer to “Order of Significations” list at my website or in my book, Self Learning Course in Astrology. This list will assist you to identify the primary and secondary significators.

HOROSCOPE - GENERAL ASSESSMENT: The general assessment of the chart will indicate the significations of the houses/planets which will prominently surface in life depending upon the strength of planets. The specific trend results will be indicated at any particular time by the operating sub-period lord depending upon its functional nature and natal and transit strength. For analysing any particular significations, strength of the house, the lord of the house and the significator of the house is considered. If the ascendant is having a mooltrikona sign and its lord is weak, the other weak planets show that the physical parts of the body ruled by such weak planets will suffer.

For the house-wise analysis of horoscopes please refer to the other posts on this blog.

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