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The medical astrology, which is a branch of astrology, is one of the various facets of the divine science of astrology for the benefit of the mankind and it is fully competent to answer our questions regarding health i.e. (1) to what type of diseases a native may be vulnerable to; (2) when; (3) whether it will respond to medical treatment; and (4) preventive measures. The analysis based on Systems’ Approach clearly indicates the status of health. The health is one of the various aspects of life and heart disease is a part thereof. The natal chart of a person can indicate whether a person is likely to have a heart disease and if so, at what age. For detailed study of the status of health, the readers may refer to my book, “MANAGE YOUR HEALTH THROUGH PREVENTIVE ASTRAL REMEDIES”.

First of all we identify the planets. The lord of the ascendant and/or the lord of the sixth house containing a mooltrikona sign is/are the prime indicators of health. The lord of the fourth house is the secondary indicator so far as the heart disease is concerned. The planets, the Sun and the Moon are the primary and secondary significators for a heart disease, respectively. The Moon governs the blood and represents all functions in human body. Other contributory planets are Mars, ruling the muscular parts, and Jupiter, governing the arteries.

If the prime indicators and/or the fourth house containing a mooltrikona sign are weak and the most effective points of the first, sixth and/or fourth houses are afflicted, the person would be vulnerable to a heart disease.

Since the Moon and Mercury are weak quite often and, in case of Aries rising, the Moon becomes secondary indicator/significator for heart condition and Mercury becomes prime indicator of health, it makes Arians vulnerable to heart problems if Mars too is weak. Such natives would better use preventive astral remedies to take care.

EXAMINING THE OPERATIONAL PLANETSThe close conjunction/aspect of the functional malefic planets with the weak prime indicator(s) of health and/or the primary or secondary significators for a heart disease will indicate the heart disease in the operational sub-periods of the functional malefic planets in the periods of weak prime indicator(s) and/or weak significators at an early stage of life. The indications of the timing are given also by the operating sub-periods of weak and afflicted prime indicators of health and/or weak and afflicted primary or secondary significators.

The involvement of Mars as functional malefic planet, the lord of the sixth house ruling injuries and Ketu create the eventualities for operations and the absence of their involvement enables the native to respond to symptomatic treatment.

The effect of the triple transit triggering influence of malefics is seen over the natal/transit weak indicators meticulously to forewarn the person.

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