Sunday, January 2, 2011


Inclinations for sensual or lascivious pleasures stem from strong emotional nature and courage. The fifth house, its lord and the Moon govern the emotions and make a person highly emotional by their influence on the ascendant, the fifth or the seventh houses. The third lord and Mars govern the courage. Rahu and the lords of the twelfth and eighth houses signify cravings for pleasures and for sensual pleasures when closely connected with Venus, the Moon, the eighth house, the ascendant or the seventh house. Rahu, Venus and the lord of the eighth house when connected with the factors of emotions and courage give passions for love during their operating sub-periods and the natives strive for the fulfillment of desires of sensual pleasures leaving all social norms, disregarding the age of the person, whether an unmarried youth or a young person or one in advanced age and disregarding the sex of the person whether a male or a female. The weakness of Jupiter and ninth house are additional contributing factors. The close influence of Rahu on factors governing sexual matters usually gives lust and seldom results in marriage with the partner involved in such affairs. The placement of the fifth lord in the seventh or eighth house or vice-versa gives primarily deep inclinations for sensual pleasures. Delay in marriage due to weakness of the prime indicators of marriage and afflictions, give rise to pre-marital affairs. Under the Systems’ Approach, the lordship attributed to each planet always refers to the mooltrikona house of that planet only and influence means a close conjunction or a close aspect. The analysis is made only with reference to ascendant.

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